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Online Sellers

Kiko offers sellers the ability to open their items up to the world to bid and buy through KIKO Online Auctions. Offering two choices in online selling through KIKO Live Online Auctions & KIKO Online Only Auctions.

KIKO Live Online Auctions bring the world right to your auction with prebidding online and live online bidding available in real time during your auction. Many KIKO Live Online Auctions have live audio broadcasts online and some, depending on location, have a live video feed. This is a perfect fit for auctions that have highly desirable items from guns to classic cars. KIKO has sold items online to local buyers who due to their schedules could not make the auction as well as to buyers as far away as Australia!

KIKO Online Only Auctions brings all of your items to one online auction executed by the professional auctioneers at KIKO. These auctions are a perfect option for locations or items that would be challenging to auction at a traditional location. Sellers that have utilized the Online Only method of marketing include: sellers who had items at several locations, eliminating the need to bring them together in one location; sellers of items that would not have been set up for the auction, anything from bounce houses to boxed furniture; gas, oil, and mineral rights; real estate; and sellers who live in communities that will not permit live auctions, such as some living associations.

No matter the items that you want to open up to the world for bidding KIKO is your answer for professional online auction marketing! Contact KIKO today to see if our online options could bring the world to your auction.